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Gathering Informations


The Knowledge Hub provides detailed content on preparedness strategies, data analytics, business continuity planning, and other resources to help you develop your capabilities. 


Data-Driven Emergency Management

Current and future emergency managers need to understand data and how it can be used to support all phases of emergency management.


Planning for a Resilient Recovery Before Disaster Strikes

Learn which activities have been identified to help communities better prepare for their disaster recovery.


Building a Data-Driven Culture in Emergency Management

Emergency management and public safety agencies are increasingly using data analysis and visualization tools


Business Crisis and Continuity Management

All organizations share the possibility of disruptive events that have widespread impacts on business operations.


Emergency Management Planning: An Essential Step Towards Resilient Cities

From a public safety perspective, it’s vital that agency leaders come together, define their challenges and vulnerabilities, and develop a plan


Business Continuity Vs. Disaster Recovery: 5 Key Differences

A critical aspect of leadership is preparing for those interruptions, creating strategies and plans that can keep core business functions intact even under duress.

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