Strategic Emergency Preparedness Assessments (SEPA)

SEPA is an emergency management planning tool and process that helps organizations identify their preparedness capability gaps to improve strategic and operational decision-making. The SEPA process enables government agencies, private/non-profit companies, and academic institutions to assess risk, capability, and response capacity for all types of threats and hazards. By implementing SEPA, your organization will gain new insight about your preparedness gaps and be better positioned to save lives, reduce human suffering, and mitigate financial impacts from the emergencies that you face. The Preparedness Advisors LLC team brings years of experience assessing preparedness and can help you implement SEPA to be more prepared for future disasters. SEPA can also help inform your agency’s Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment / Stakeholder Preparedness Review (THIRA/SPR) and other federal reporting requirements.


Strategic Plan Development

The success of an organization depends on a clear vision and strategy. The Preparedness Advisors team brings years of experience developing strategic plans that outline the mission, vision, goals, and targets of an agency. Preparedness Advisors can facilitate the development or update of your agency’s plan to create definable and achievable goals and objectives to improve the way you operate. The team will facilitate the meetings with your leadership, capture ideas, and work with you to produce a high-quality document to guide your strategic and programmatic efforts. Our support will include development of metrics to track your agency’s progress over time. Our team can also help you develop strategic plans that focus on a specific domain or mission area (e.g., cyber security, transportation, recovery, etc.)


Data Visualization and Analysis

Does your organization effectively use data visualization and analysis techiques to understand emergency preparedness information? The Preparedness Advisors team can evaluate the preparedness data your organization has or can access and recommend solutions to better analyze and visualize it using available tools. We can build a range of analytic products, such as interactive dashboards, concise summary reports, and infographics to help you view thousands of data points relevant to your daily operations. 


Our approach is to build actionable data analysis products that can be quickly learned and used by all members of your organization. We understand the stressful situations and limited time within which emergency management professionals must make decisions, and so our products are designed to be easily understood by all end users. 


Data Analysis Trainings

Does your agency staff need to enhance its data collection and analysis skills to make more informed decisions? The Preparedness Advisors team can deliver data analysis and visualization training focused on answering emergency preparedness problems. Our team has developed a series of trainings that can give your staff the skills to better understand data through the use of widely available tools or more advanced business intelligence software. The trainings can be delivered in as little as 1-2 hours or over multi-day sessions.

Our company also offers cyber security awareness and information technology (IT) fundamentals training to strengthen your staff's understanding of IT infrastructure (e.g., hardware, software, networks) and the threats that criminals / adversaries may pose to your data and systems. 


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Development

Has your agency invested in or is seeking to acquire UAS technology to enhance your operations? UAS technology is rapidly integrating into emergency management and homeland security operations, and Preparedness Advisors can help your organization develop the necessary strategy, policies, and procedures to run a successful UAS program. The Preparedness Advisors team has Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certified UAS operators that can help you understand the legal and policy requirements of operating UAS, help you develop the right training regimen for pilots, and strategize which technologies to invest in. 


Preparedness Resource Guides

Is there a specific emergency preparedness issue or subject matter (e.g., cyber security, mass fatality management, mass gathering event planning) that your agency would like to better understand and be prepared for? While there are available resource guides on these subjects, there is great value in developing your own specific guide for your agency and partners.  The Preparedness Advisors team can help facilitate the creation of resources guides that give your organization a deeper understanding of all aspects of these important issues.

Our team can also support any other miscellaneous / ad hoc research and analysis efforts your organization is seeking to complete.

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