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Do you have the data you need to inform your plans and justify your grant or other financial investments? 

Do you have a process to identify your capability gaps?

Does your organization fully understand its vulnerability to different threats and hazards? 

Through our team's comprehensive preparedness assessments, we can help your organization identify capability gaps and give you the insight needed to reduce vulnerability to all hazards. 

Our process, known as Strategic Emergency Preparedness Assessments (SEPA), provide a framework and planning tool to help government agencies (state, local, tribal, territorial), private/non-profit companies, and academic institutions assess risk, capability, and capacity to respond to disasters. 


By implementing SEPA, your organization will gain new insight about your preparedness gaps and be better positioned to save lives, reduce human suffering, and mitigate financial impacts from the emergencies that you face.

SEPA can also help inform your agency’s Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment / Stakeholder Preparedness Review (THIRA/SPR) and other federal reporting requirements.


The SEPA Process

Hurricane Original.jpg

Not sure where to start? 

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