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Streamlined, Actionable Plans

COVID-19, the risks posed by climate change and other recent or impending major disasters highlight the need for comprehensive and actionable resilience plans.


FEMA and other federal agencies have prioritized resilience planning for various threats and hazards and will continue requiring that state, local, and private sector organizations have formal strategies to address these risks.


The Preparedness Advisors team can help you update existing plans or create streamlined plans that clearly define your vision, goals, and objectives to build resilience. 

Our planning support focuses on delivering concise and actionable documents that incorporate data visualization tools to capture ideas and identify the most valuable information to include in your plans. 

Preparedness Advisors offers an array of incident-specific planning solutions that include: 

  • Cyber incident plans​

  • Energy assurance emergency planning

  • Mass gathering event planning

  • Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) Planning

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Not sure where to start? 

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