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2021 Colorado Energy Assurance Emergency Plan

“Preparedness Advisors provided tremendous support in helping us update the Colorado Energy Assurance Emergency Plan! The Preparedness Advisors team facilitated numerous meetings to gather information from subject matter experts and developed a plan that is streamlined and actionable. The team also conducted a great tabletop exercise to test our State’s capability to respond to energy emergencies. We highly recommend Preparedness Advisors for your emergency planning needs!”

Maria E.

Colorado Energy Office

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2020 Billings Fire Department UAS Development

UAS Drone White V2.png

“Preparedness Advisors helped us save significant time and costs in implementing a safe and effective UAS program for our fire rescue operations. Their guidance on how to navigate FAA regulations, create a program management plan, and choose the right UAS technology helped shorten our learning curve by several months and build a strong foundation for our UAS program.”


Mark S., Firefighter/UAS Coordinator

Billings Fire Department, Montana

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